Ministry Overview

Inner Healing & Deliverance | Learn More

Deliverance ministry focuses on tearing down spiritual strongholds in one’s life, breaking curses and “legal rights” of the enemy to torment someone’s life. SOZO Restoration Ministries’ approach to inner healing is to seek the presence of the Holy Spirit, asking for His discernment and knowledge of where ungodly beliefs, unhealthy expectancies, and tormenting judgments exists as a result of emotional and mental wounds.


Webinars, Seminars & Conferences | Learn More 

Including, but not limited to ministry topics such as: Deliverance, Inner Healing, Spiritual Warfare, Intercession, Spiritual Gifts, Leadership, Spiritual Authority, Communication between the Genders, etc.


Biblical Counseling — Learn More

We believe that ultimate life and healing come through a vibrant and growing relationship with Jesus Christ that overflows into good relationships with self and others. We are committed to helping others reach these goals using sound Biblical principles.



Other Ministries Offered


Revival Meetings & Special Services

For your church, organization, small groups.

Prophetic Ministry and activation of Spiritual Gifts

Shelly flows in a strong prophetic anointing and desires to see the Body of Christ trained up & released in the spiritual gifts, using the Gifts in maturity and Biblical soundness.

Deliverance & Inner Healing Meeting, Conferences, & Retreats

It is critical that, in these last days, a greater awareness and education comes to the Body of Christ regarding this very controversial topic through Biblically sound teaching and “fruit.” Shelly not only brings this to the Body of Christ but is also available to organize and train Deliverance & Inner Healing teams in your church/ministry.

Intercessory Team Training, Development & Organization

Provide teachings on prayer, intercession and how to hear the Voice of God; Assist in setting up and training Intercessory Teams and providing prayer “strategies.”

Women’s Meeting, Conferences, & Retreats

Shelly has a special heart and burden to minister to women and has been used powerfully in this area. Topics vary but all lead to encouragement, growth, healing, a closer intimacy with Jesus Christ.


“Excellent training and experience”

A Bible based and Spiritual approach which is healing and confrontational at the same time. A lot of spiritual knowledge here coupled with excellent training and experience. A great mix.



“Truth and light”

Excellent! As a certified marriage and family counselor and LPCI, I deeply value Shelly’s gifting to bring truth and light into darkened places. Additionally, her educational training is only amplified by the Holy Spirit at work in her, which provides powerful insights and restoration. I highly recommend SOZO.


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